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When I was a kid, I fell in love with cinema. I clearly remember the first day I stepped into the cinema (a small one in my hometown) and I saw my first real movie on the big screen (Free Willy, it will always hold a special place in my heart ;). Never in my wildest dreams could I have suspected that eventually that was going to be my job: to tell stories through the art of filmmaking.

I chose a different path, my dream of being a director was forgotten and I never went to filmschool (although I regret that now). But when my wife and I decided to get married, we also decided to buy a camera (as a present for us). It was the beginning of the DSLR revolution, and I was in awe with the possibilities. Soon I started to experiment with old russian lenses and I started to film everything. Then my brother asked me to film his wedding, and from there I started to make more films until where I am today.

I’m in love with my job, but before this, I used to be a teacher. And over the last couple of years I combined those two talents to share my knowledge about everything that I learned with others.


a journey through the language of cinema

Everything in the workshop revolves around the main theme Story. We discuss topics from cinematography, composition, to the final edit.

It is an intensive day full of examples, inspiration, discussion and practical situations.

This workshop is designed for filmmakers/videographers that are looking to take the next step. It could be a stepping stone to high end wedding films, or to learn a different approach of telling brand stories, commercials or even documentary work.

where & when

The workshop will be held in a central part of the Netherlands, in a secluded farm close to the forest. It is a one day event, with a great lunch included.

Morning: Technical aspects of filmmaking / the language of cinematography / a live shoot in the forest

Afternoon: How to engage your viewers with a story / the edit / marketing

The workshop will be held on 21 of May 2019

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The stories we tell masterclass

One day workshop


An intensive day of growth as a filmmaker

After workshop personal feedback on your work

Maximum of 10 participants

Central place in the Netherlands (1 hour from Amsterdam)

Investment: €495,- excl. VAT

21 May 2019

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