Gerbert Floor - Director of Photography

Eurobottle - In search for a better future

A corporate documentary about the search for a better way to produce plastics.

Eurobottle - In search of a better future


To be original, is to restore the origine of nature


When Eurobottle approached me, they had a unique story to tell that required a unique way of telling. They had started to produce some of their bottles with biobased plastics and they wanted to show the origin and their search for the material in a short film. We chose to make their search the central part of the film, while also showing uses of some of their products in different environments.

We wanted to keep the production small, so we could be very flexible. Especially in Sao Paulo it allowed us to change our plans on the spot and let light and the surrounding guide us. Everything was done with a very small crew.

Director/Camera/Edit - Gerbert Floor

Production/Talent - Bas Klunder