Gerbert Floor - Director of Photography

BJG groep - brand identity

The story of a Dutch company that works on new ways of construction and detaches technicians in the field.

BJG groep - A corporate story


Exploring other shores

Together with Pankra we crafted the story of BJG groep, a young group of company’s with a link to modern construction and recruitment. They see themselves as explorers that are building for a better future, with a link to the rich past of the Golden Age of the Netherlands. So we used them sailing through the rough seas as a metaphor for BJG groep exploring new markets and inventing new ways to operate. In another edit we focused more on specific information regarding a new way of building called BIM, for The BIM Engineers.

PRODUCTER - Lucas Reinds
DIRECTOR / DP - Gerbert Floor
1ST CAMERA - Tomas van Harten / Jurrian Gravett
DRONE - Kiwi Aerials
VOICE OVER - Boet Schouwink